8 things where Cryptocurrency helps to do things better than Fiat Money

Photography Credit:  Sam Truong Dan


Popularity of Cryptocurrency is increasing on a daily basis. The ability of these currencies to get work done has contributed a lot towards its popularity. In fact, people will be able to use Cryptocurrencies to resolve issues, which cannot be done with the usage of flat money.

Make Donations to Causes 

You would come across the need to support causes, which are not approved by the government. In such instances, you can think about Cryptocurrencies. WikiLeaks can be considered as a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. Back in 2011, people were restricted from donating money to WikiLeaks. As a result, they could not make any contributions through PayPal or Credit Cards. “Satoshi Nakamoto”, who is the creator of Blockchain, figured it out and he took necessary measures to assist people make their donations to WikiLeaks. Defense donations fund, which was raised in favor of Edward Snowden can also be considered as a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. Likewise, you would come across different donations that are not supported by government and you will be able to make legal contributions to them with the assistance of Cryptocurrency.

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