BREAKING: TRX / TRON got official recognition from the state level!

The TRON Union Core Member Peiwo APP Won China’s National High-tech Enterprise Qualification!

Recently, the parent company of Peiwo APP which is core member of TRON Union, Peiwo Huanle (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. entered the list of “Beijing’s third batch of high-tech enterprises to be identified in 2017” which means that Peiwo APP and the online entertainment forms and technologies of its audio content community have been recognized by the Chinese government, and its market will expand.

The National High-tech Enterprise is a policy set by the Chinese government to promote the rapid development of high-tech enterprises. There are strict standards for inclusion. After being included, companies will enjoy a series of concessions in technology research and development, tax relief and personnel policies so as to help enterprises devote more energy and ability to independent research and development and to enhance their core competitiveness.

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