BchainNews: What follows the major CryptoCurrency market storm after April into May….

BchainNews: What follows the major CryptoCurrency market storm after April into May….

A market correction continues after the stormy April.
The overall trend for many AltCoins remains bullish: There are a lot of releases!
– Source: Bchain Crypto News Blog (Telegram)

Here are the updates: Launching of the ICON platform, demonstrating TRIG test network, launching the main TRON network and ARAGON, there is a lot of updates from WALTONCHAIN. Also a lot of interesting things for the other coins, conferences, hardcore and free distribution. On such bullish trend, such a stormy flow of news works (impacts) well.

Despite the fact that the Ethereum can be attributed to securities, it still continues in a bullish path. By the way, this news could speed up today’s price correction. We can already observe how public media talks about this topic, as well as, started to publish not very good opinions of some Wall Street analysts, including Buffett himself. Apparently, someone did not have time to jump on the train, and decided to slow down the rails (bring the price down using news or fake news in order to catch the lower price entry). Regardless, thats a common thing to see a certain correction after a bullish period/s.

From the positive news, the Bank of Korea announced its interest in launching a digital currency. Active research in this area is already being conducted by the central banks of China, Singapore, Sweden and Japan.

Goldman Sachs also plans to start trading Bitcoin futures on behalf of its customers within a week. This is mega-positive news, which has not yet fully completed its movement on the chart. Recall in 2017, after the announcement of the launch of futures Bitcoin rose from $ 6,500 to $ 8,000. But then, on the same news, we saw an acceleration of growth to $ 20,000 and a green market of AltCoins. In the summer of the G20, will discuss the regulation of the crypt markets, perhaps this may be creating an impact on the market, be aware of this please.

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